Warhammer Vermintide2 Maps

Maps are good. Here are some shitty maps of levels from Warhammer Vermintide 2.

Taals Horn Keep

Taals Horn Keep Map 1

Righteous Stand

Righteous Stand Map 1

Nurgles Buboes

Nurgles Buboes Map 1

Burplespue Halescourge

Burplespue Halescourge Map 1

Athel Yenlui

Athel Yenlui Map 1

Into The Nest

Into The Nest Map 1

Festering Ground

Festering Ground Map 1 Festering Ground Map 2

Blood In The Darkness

Blood In The Darkness Map 1

Castle Drachenfels

Castle Drachenfels Map 1 Castle Drachenfels Map 2

Horn Of Magnus

Horn Of Magnus Map 1 Horn Of Magnus Map 2