First turn kill bosses in Bravely Default 2

First Turn Kill (Almost) All Bosses in Bravely Default 2

So while playing Bravely Default 2 I accidentally a build that can first turn kill most endgame bosses. This was not the plan, and it trivialised the endgame to the same extent as if I’d just hacked in an infinite damage attack. Ooops. On the upside I’m kinda proud of the build so I decided to write this post explaining what it is and how it works.

Note: This post assumes you are putting this build on Adelle because that’s what I did. You can of course put it on whoever you want I ain’t yo dad.

SPOILER WARNING: This post talks about some very lategame Jobs/Abilities from Bravely Default 2

The Build

The basic idea of this build is low health = big damage, and going berserk = free abilities! Making one ability particularly OP and then spamming it to kingdom come is the name of the game.


Main: Phantom Lv 12, Sub: Berserker Lv 15 Diabolism Lv 14 Bravery Lv 10


Diabolism: Surpassing Power, Last Resort; Berserker: Bloody-Minded, Free-for-All; Bravery: Sub-Job Speciality 2

Equipment (Not optimised. Change it up however you want)

Eurytos’ Bow, Headband, Brave Suit, Sensei’s Belt, Life Ring


Big Physical Attack(385), Speed(208), and Crit Chance(65)

How to Win

  1. Get Adelle down to 1HP and at least 58MP. Everytime she attacks her health will drop but it won’t go below 1HP, so go ham on some regular enemies until you get there.
  2. Start the big fight. Adelle shoooouuuld go first, but if she doesn’t then just do whatever until her turn comes around
  3. Brave a full three times. We want to perform as many actions as possible.
  4. Use Vent Fury for that sweet Berserk damage bonus and Free Attacks!
  5. Cast Berserker: Death’s Door as many times as possible (probably three. three’s a good number)
  6. Watch and laugh as your enemies fall beneath the spicy wrath of approximately 180,000 damage

Extra Recommendations

So Casting Death’s Door three times in a turn is nice, but there are a few extra things that can really sweeten the deal. Unfortunately they require a turn setup and poor Adelle is sitting 1 bee sting from death at all times, so here’s what you do:

  1. Setup another team member as a Shieldmaster with big defence and health. They will automatically take all damage directed at Adelle because she’s on such low health. This lets you spend turn one doing setup and turn two going HAM.
  2. On turn one we want to buff Adelle as much as possible. Spend as many Braves as you can afford (we need her to act next turn so avoid going negative).
  3. Drop whatever buffs you can, I like Phantom Lv 15: Ethereal Edge plus stacking Phantom Lv 2: Become the Lightning (costs 20% HP to cast, so plan ahead. Ideally casting it will drop her HP close to the FUN zone)
  4. Use Vent Fury. I’d recommend doing this last to save 40MP
  5. Survive the round
  6. Pour as many braves as possible into spamming Death’s Door FOUR times
  7. Watch and laugh as your enemies fall beneath the spicy wrath of good CHRIST that just took out the final boss turn 2. Oops.

How does the build work?

So this section exists just to cover EXACTLY how this build works in detail. You can probably work it out from the build itself but screw it I may as well cover all the intricacies just in case.

Low Health = Big Damage

The following abilities Combine to form approximately 8x damage at 1HP

Then the following abilities make it pretty easy to get to 1HP

The following abilities are pretty useful for pushing your damage up even more

And of course you need Surpassing Power else your damage will never be more than 9,999 per hit

Make All abilities FREEEEEEEEE(ish)

The following abilities combine to make all your attacking abilities almost free (the setup requires 18MP to start and then 40MP per turn)

Extra Good Things

This is just a few extra things that are included for that little extra spice

Also I have heard there are weapons which give you certain class passives when equipped. Haven’t grabed em myself but if I did I’d aim to open up some ability slots to also add Beastmaster’s Brute Force and Raw Power. These two give you a total 80% damage buff when you use 4 brave points in one turn.